A drunk guy from a random band tried to get me to call him because he was going to set me up with his agent….I looked him up online, and was kinda unnerved by the whole thing, and I couldn’t find him. So then I talked to the bartender and found out that this man had been in the last couple days and just drank and was all talk, and she said I shouldn’t talk to him. In fact, they had just kicked him out of the bar.

….I might have lost a big life opportunity. He called me the next day, because I gave him my business card with a google account number on it, and left me a message about how I didn’t answer my phone but his agent was lined up and he could’ve made my dreams come true…



Can he get me to heaven? I think not.

Sooo……Hopefully if he’s legit and really liked my music, that’ll mean that if I keep playing places, a non-drunk legit person will also like my music and talk to me and not seem creepy.

I’m not judging on creepiness alone. It’s creepiness+drunkness+finding no support for his claims of being in a particular band+he got kicked out of a bar.

I feel like those are good reasons to avoid communication. Definitely.  And if I’ve just given up on success because I didn’t want to deal with unnerving drunk people, then I think that I can do that. God has plans, and I’m pretty sure they don’t include drunk old men with elaborate promises and unverifiable claims…

Anyway…That was one rare experience I’ve had since I’ve started singing places. Mostly, people are nice and not drunk. I think. Maybe they just hide it well. I dunno.

Later readers.




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4 responses to “Unnerved…

  1. wow pretty creepy.. you did the right thing though by not contacting him back

    • Yeaaaah. Luckily my brother was with me the entire time, so it was a little less creepy, but still. Thank you for reaffirming my decisions to avoid creepiness. 🙂

  2. bkpkwithpeanut

    Woah, sounds like a pile of red flags. o.o

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