Ukuleles rule.

…they really do, but that title was deceptive because this post is only superficially about ukuleles. I suppose a blog by someone called “cdukulele” should involve more specific mentioning of ukuleles, but…eh.


I saw the five-years-younger-than-me musician again! You might know him as Josh. Or you might not know him at all. Or, if you really do know him, then you would know him by a name that is actually not Josh at all (or would you…), and then you would tell him that some crazy girl is talking about him and every detail of her life on a blog. Ha. …Please don’t.

There aren’t any details anyway. I just saw him. He was cool. Chillin. Listened to my songs. Briefly complained that I wasn’t at the last two open mic nights that he was at. I responded with how he wasn’t at the last one I was at. Good times. Then we both went our separate ways with the vague notion that we’d both be at the next open mic night again…Vague notion, promise, threat, something like that.

Also, I got five hours of sleep last night. I am tired.
So, I’m going to go to sleep, and hopefully I’ll wake up and do everything I need to do, including my massive homework assignment that is due in four days, but I have to finish in two because I am busy. (Music stuff. Life stuff. A desire to not ever do homework again resulting in an irrational hope that doing it all on Friday night will save me from future misery.)

Well, night, sleep tight, don’t let the man-eating piranhas bite.



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