My night

Went to Open Mic.

Saw my crush with another girl.

Failed halfway through a new song.

Could barely hear myself over the alcohol-consuming-people while I was on stage.

Got home.

Ate fast food.

Watched youtube videos for an hour and a half.

My life…

Now I need to do my stretches and shower and go to sleep before anyone notices I’m staying up really late wasting time.

On the plus side, I made cookies earlier today and I have crushes on so many people that I’m sure this latest heartache will be gone soon….just in time for someone else to start torturing me with their unattainable beauty and charm.



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9 responses to “My night

  1. Both sad and funny. Maybe it’s my abnormal sense of humor

  2. So I finally exist on this thing again…..and I FINALLY caught up on everything.
    Your new crush is…..Josh????
    I love your writing….it is so personal that I can always relate. πŸ™‚

    • Welcome back! Haha, oh catching up on my life. Well, thank you for considering my life worth catching up on.
      New crush…Hmm. Well, no. Well. Maybe. There are…Let’s just indiscriminately say that I know multiple attractive male musicians, and I go to multiple open mic nights, and certain ones just happen to show up at certain ones and…I actually haven’t talked about Josh for nearly a month…
      Aww, and thanks for loving my writing. I’m glad you can relate to it. It encourages you to keep telling you the very personal details of my life that I probably shouldn’t be telling the internet. Oh me. Making great life decisions.

      • Oh,guys who are musicians and the way they have of making girls melt.
        Oh,us stupid,stupid girls who fall for all the wrong dudes…..
        Hey,hey,hey…..we have no clue who “you” are…..codenames and all,remember? πŸ™‚

        • Yes. Them. I suppose it’s my fault for wanting to play music. I keep putting myself in situations where I’m surrounded by them. Argh.
          CODENAMES! Yes. You are so right. No one in any reality ever could ever find out who I am. No one would take the time to. MWahahahaha. Unless they did. Paranoia. It’s in my blood. (jk…I don’t know of any paranoid people in my family…I mean…not many..)

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