Staying up til CRAZY LATE

I have a dentist appointment in the morning, SO PAR-TAY!!!!
Just kidding.

I just wrote three letters though.

I sent an anonymous letter to my old apartment back at college.

I was all “HAPPY MONDAY!!!! Or whatever day it is.” Then I told them to pray for me, and I enclosed a dollar.

I was also trying to be sneaky and started writing something about finding the secret item I buried somewhere…But I just wound up being creepy. Yay.



Then I colored it like the four year old artist I am. Scribbles of rainbows.

I really hope that someone still lives at that apartment.

Otherwise I lost a dollar for no reason.

No return address.


WELL, Goodnight people.

Have pleasant dreams.

Say some prayers for me.

Be like, “HEY GOD! Catherine asked for some prayers, so help her out! Because….she said so…please? Thank you. Amen.”

An excellent prayer indeed.

And I will say a prayer for you:

Dear God, take care of whoever is currently reading this blog.
Please let them have a beautiful day, and help them to see your beauty and love in the world that surrounds them, because, you rock. Amen.


– Catherine


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