Pronouns- My attempt to study.

Unsurprisingly, my motivation to study for my first exam of my graduate career is weak, very weak.

Subject material + a cold = I write blog post.

What do I write about?


Did you know that there are at least eight subcategories of pronouns?

There are personal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, relative pronouns, interrogative pronouns, universal/indefinite pronouns, reciprocal pronouns, and reflexive pronouns.

(If you thought I was actually going to attempt to amuse you with blog writing, ha…:(.)

Personal pronouns are those lovely little things that you use all the time, when talking about people…I think…Something like that.

Demonstrative pronouns are those that….Uh…Demonstrate something?

Relative pronouns…relate things?

I’m going to fail my test.


[I -personal pronoun-like tea. It -relative pronoun- is my favorite drink. Some-a determiner for the noun people- people think that tea isn’t great. These -determiner…- people are wrong. Who-interrogative-are these people you ask? They – relative?- are nobodies -indefinite-..]

I don’t wanna study.

I need to.


Well, time to go test myself with random online quizzes I find.

Go appreciate the fact that you aren’t studying the different pronoun types. Enjoy your freedom.



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