Dating Paradox

I only like guys up to the moment where they like me back.

This might explain why I fail so much at relationships.

Maybe I’m wrong.

I mean, I definitely like guys who like me, but only to a point.

Then I start to freak out about how much they may potentially like me, and I avoid them entirely.

Or maybe no guy I’ve ever really liked has liked me back.


Anyway, that was my new personal reflection that I figured I’d throw out there, since I finished my paper that was due tonight, and now I just have to do the rest of my homework for all my classes that’s do tomorrow.

Also, musicians seem to be in an entirely different class of men than the ones I meet on a daily basis.

It’s like, the musician guys act all silent and brooding and attractive, while the guys I meet on a daily basis are just, nice, chill, friendly guys.

And for some reason I keep getting attracted to the brooding mysterious guys.

Which is bad, because the mysterious ones are the ones who are inaccessible, versus the daily basis guys who just act like normal human beings, without a circle of drama around their lives.

I don’t know.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your evening.



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3 responses to “Dating Paradox

  1. See an example of my dating paradox here:

    Except in that case I really didn’t like the guy…I think.

  2. Just love your dating stories ✌️they feel very familiar to me, I just never get around to the date! I back out before the date is happening. And this: “I WANT SOMEONE TO LOVE ME!” and then somebody does and I’m all : “GO AWAY, I DON’T WANT YOU TO LOVE ME!” Is also how I think! Awesome charing, makes me feel less different at least 😝 and keep pursuing those mysterious guys, you should never settle with ordinary when you really want mysterious 👍

    • Date? What’s a date? Oh wait…I’ve been on one of those…(

      Yes, poor men. Poor us. Society. The things we want and then don’t want. It’s all rather confusing. Funny thing about the mysterious musicians is, I don’t want mysterious. I just want them to tell me they like me and for me to like them back. When they’re being all mysterious I don’t know if they like me, and I put so much effort into trying to get them to like me, that I kinda forget whether I want them to like me in the first place… :/

      But I’m glad you experience the same feelings. Well, not glad, because it’s annoying, but I’m glad more than one person experiences it. Then I don’t feel so guilty for being the cause of unrequited love…

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