I should sooooo be asleep right now…

Good morning.

I had a great Monday.

A very musical Monday.

A happy Monday.

And now I’m exhausted and I have homework do in the next forty-eight hours, and I very much need sleep.

But, I was trying to do schoolwork and only half succeeding, so I wanted to do a little update here before I went to sleep.


Update: Someone asked me to join a ukulele club that they started up, we met for the second time today, and it was lovely. There were six of us, and lots of interested people.

After Ukulele club, I went to my second open mic night at this random bar, and they applauded and cheered and one lady asked me if I had a business card because she wanted to tell a local show manager about me, to get me set up with a show or something.

(The first ukulele club meeting and my first open mic night at that same random bar were last week, and they went well too, but this week…I haven’t been distracted by little things like emotional break downs, so I can appreciate the happy times better.)

It was good.

Monday was a good day.

Now…it’s Tuesday. Early morning Tuesday. Day of Graduate classes. Day of running to the library to frantically print out whatever I think I need for my last class. Wednesday I have part of a project due that involves a three to four page paper, Thursday is another day of classes, and Thursday night is another open mic night…Another chance to play music.

I just have to get through three days, then I get to play more music.

But first, I have to sleep.

I am so tired that I keep wanting to type random things that are even less connected than the sentences I already have been typing.






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2 responses to “I should sooooo be asleep right now…

  1. So happy for you!! I had a good Monday too, but this Tuesday is being spent in bed deep under the covers hiding from the world. Thinking tomorrow will bring a new day! Hope your three days goes fast β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘

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