Good Morning Graduate School

I should be asleep. I will be asleep. Soon I shall sleep, but my first class is in 13 hours.

My first class in a year and a half.

Of course, as usual, I’m finding reasons to get nervous.

Like, what if all four of my classes are brain-numbingly awful?

What if I’m not meant to get a Masters in TESOL after all?

What if the English Language starts to bore me and I can’t handle all the rules because all I ever cared about were stories!???


I also just want to play ukulele and make friends.

I don’t think I’m ready to be a grown up yet.

But I have to.

Because my older siblings seem to be very determined that I don’t spend my life as a traveling musician trying to pay my student loans by singing songs…

Hey, I wouldn’t choose to do it either, but I’m just so good at it! Not the making money part, but the writing songs part. I think. Kinda….Relatively….Possibly….

Okay, I’m going to graduate school.

But, if I fail this, like I failed to pass that lift test that would’ve gotten me a job as an instructional aide in an elementary school, then I’m going to go be a famous musician.

…Of course, I could always do both.







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