In the general time period that I refer to as “Now”.

An update.

School related: I start grad school on Tuesday. I took a full year off, doing very little, and miserably trying to figure out what I was doing with my life, and now I have classes to look forward to. I’m getting an M.A. in Tesol. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Two years from now I’ll be…frantically trying to figure out where I’m going to work? Or maybe I’ll just be contentedly preparing for a semester of teaching at a local college. Or maybe I’ll still be in grad school because my program took longer than I anticipated…Or, maybe….I’ll be sipping tropical beverages on a beach with my attractive and wealthy Catholic husband.

So many possibilities…

Work related: I’m on a break from work until the school semester ends, so I am FREE! Except I might also wind up tutoring people at my university for experience. Plus I’m volunteering in my Dad’s classroom…So I might end up working more than before, but paying for it instead of being paid…

Life related: Whoever I was talking about last time I was talking about whoever I was talking about, is no longer important. I have grown out of my boy-craziness. I now have more important things to focus on, like my graduate level classes. My love poems and depressing rants are a thing of the past! School is about to begin, and I will be a focused and dedicated student! I might even actually make friends…and not fall in love with them. I’m sure that if the really attractive tall guy who wants to teach English in Germany after he graduates from the graduate program, talks to me, I will totally think of him in a completely platonic way, and not read into the fact that he is even speaking to me in the first place.

Other: I’m still playing ukulele. I don’t know when I’ll have time for open mic nights, now that I have classes that end just before the open mics begin, but I’m still playing ukulele. Sometimes. I might have to find more places to play music. I’ll also have to find ways of getting there. I’ll also have to get a license. Yay. To drive a car. Because I failed…that first test I took…


Well. That’s my life. Randomly. Intermittently. In scattered details.
Oh my it’s hot.

This summer heat.


Okay, peace out dear reader.









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2 responses to “In the general time period that I refer to as “Now”.

  1. I’m glad you’re excited about going back to school. I hope you have a great time and learn lots of new things. 😊

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