I cannot leave on my trip with that negative post looming over me. Time to list positives.


1. I get to see one of my best friends for the first time in over a year.

2. I have half of a good book to finish on the flight, and I will not be interrupted.

3. My plane ticket was practically free, since I used a travel voucher, so I can spend as much money as I want on whatever I want…in the airport…after which I’m going to be in the middle of nowhere America and I will have no need to spend money, nor a place to spend it on.

4. I have an ipod of music downloaded from cds with the sweet voices of men I have crushes on and have met in person.

5. I have aisle seats in the back of the plane. I can stand up and stretch with some frequency, and only be stared at by a half dozen of my fellow travelers…




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8 responses to “POSITIVES OF TRAVEL

  1. HAVE FUN.
    Like,tons and tons of it.
    And think of it this way-you’re going to come back with loaaaaaaaads of stories to tell. 🙂

    • STORIES! I HAVE STORIES! Theoretically. Well, not many. Some. A couple. Rode a horse. Sat in a canoe. Stories. Mostly I read stories. It was a very pleasant and chill time. Thank you for your well wishes! 🙂

      • OOOHH-What did you read?
        I’m currently in search of something good to read,so……

        • The Divergent series, Holes, the first couple Harry Potter books, a bit more of THE BOOK THIEF, and…a crossword puzzle. I was recently in search of some good books to read myself, and as a result of my search, I wound up ordering a bunch of best-sellers on amazon, that are all movies now. (I also read The Fault In Our Stars; it appealed greatly to my, “I am physically ill and nobody understands” side, except I will probably survive much much much much longer than the characters in that book…) BUT, if you want some good books that haven’t been overly popularized by the media for the last while, and have a bit more substance, or are basically books I read in school and really liked, there’s REBECCA, by Daphne de Maurier, (A really cool, eerie, Gothic book…that also got turned into a movie by Hitchcock in the 1940’s, you may have heard of it…) THE FOREST PEOPLE, by Colin Turnbull, (My sister’s hippie boyfriend, now husband, gave me this book as a birthday present half a dozen years back, it’s an account of the author’s time living with pygmy tribes in Africa) THE POISONWOOD BIBLE, by Barbara Kingsolver (I love this book because I love Africa, fiction, about a preacher and his family- a wife and four reluctant daughters- who move to Africa to do missionary work in a little village,) and….Catch-22 is wonderful too…But these are a variety of books fit for different moods and so really you’re going to have to tag me in a post that I now expect you to write about what kind of books you like to read/ already have read, so that I can tell you which books I have read which go along with that, and we can find out whether our tastes in literature are similar. I also liked The Adventers of Huckleberry finn. I majored in English Literature, and I went through a Great Books program at my university, there are far too many amazing books to recommend. See how ridiculously long this post is already!? And that’s just for 10 books… 🙂

          • Hahahahaha,yes,yes I shall write a post and in the meanwhile,I will go read all the books you just told me……especially rebecca,cuz I’ve been hearing about that one a lot.

            • Excellent. Careful, Rebecca always makes me crave tea and tea parties. Actually, it may even be part of the reason why I enjoy this girl’s blog : http://teainyourtwenties.com/ so much. I like tea. So much tea.

              • I’m more of a coffee person. 🙂
                But I shall go read the blog and then the book.

                • I forgive you for your preference, I myself enjoy coffee when combined with milk and sugar. OR BLENDED INTO DELICIOUS ICED CHOCOLATEY NESS!!!!!! I just had one such drink a bit ago with my Mom. Mmmm. Coffee and tea are both my friends. Oh, and the blog, yes, you should peruse it, it might put you in the England/Britain mood, illuminate one of the settings of the novel for you…Except that blog seems to focus on cities, and the book is more isolated. Anyway, I wish you luck in your reading! 🙂

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