What’s with this boy?

“Hey, Catherine…”

“Yes? “

“I have some questions for you.”


“But…I feel like they are for another time…But I just want you to know that I have questions…and I’m thinking about you.”


“…Can we talk a little later?”

“Yes, anytime between now and eight, because I have to be somewhere at eight.”

“…Are you going on a date?”

“No, I’m going to a concert with some of my friends.”

“You’re going on a date.”

“No, I’m going with my cousin to see my friends perform in a concert.”


Then the conversation was over.

And now, I wait.

Sometimes I feel like people enjoy leaving me in suspense.

P.S. The boy referred to in the title is really a man, who I’ve been chatting to rather friendly-like for the last several days.


We’ll see what this is all about later. I’ll let you know. Maybe it will be completely boring and non interesting to anyone at all. Maybe.



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