Things I never imagined…

Being an adult.

Oh wait, does that include the rosy imaginings of the future that my cousin and I discussed while swimming in the chlorinated waters of her delightful above-ground pool?

In that case, I suppose I did think about it once or twice, although, it never actually occurred to me that, in the future where my cousin and I had our own apartment and stayed up all hours playing every version of “Harvest Moon” that ever existed, on every system that ever existed, we were grown up. It was more like, we had unlimited freedom and power and money to do whatever we wanted with…and as I sit at my computer, an “adult”, or as much of one as my twelve-year-old self would have considered me to be, I recognize that things didn’t turn out quite how I expected.

Not only have I given up video games, but it appears that I am not rich with unlimited time and power. I have responsibilities. I have to be places and earn money, and I have vast swarms of debt looming over me like…vast swarms of debt.

So I suppose my ideas of what the future would be like didn’t exactly pan out…But there are better things than video games and unlimited free time…I mean, now I know how to make Blueberry muffins.


( My first time responding to the daily post… )


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