A quick complaint and an analysis of my romantic life…

That sounds so serious…ANYWAY.

Work called me and asked if I could come in two hours early tomorrow, and I fully intended to decline, but when I called them back to tell them that, I somehow wound up saying I’d be there at two…instead of four… because Bosses can be strangely convincing.

Then, I was on the computer, about to research stuff for work tomorrow, to print out lesson plans and work for my various students to study and learn and increase their wisdom and vocab skills, and I suddenly realized that I’d rather be composing a blog post!

And so, here I am…writing, complaining, procrastinating, and itching because the front door is open to cool the house off, and I think bugs are biting me.

Also, I’m getting over John, which is good. Except I’m noticing something about myself that I don’t really like. I think it’s called “I-keep-replacing-one-crush-with-another” syndrome.

On that note, in case you picked up on the connection between me not liking John as much and my mentioning of the “replacement” syndrome, I have a new friend! His name is Mark! Well, it’s not really Mark, but I already used Luke and John, so this name is next. (…I might have a problem)

Anyway, Um…so yeah. I’m getting over John and I have a new guy friend named Mark, and those two things are totally not connected except that Mark is also a musician and
…he is nice. And I have nothing disparaging to say about any other guy I have ever had a crush on. Because they are all very nice people and dear friends, I just tend to get a tad “exaggeratey” when it comes to my emotions, and really no guy has ever done anything to purposely hurt me. Accidentally, incidentally, or as a result of mere thoughtlessness or carelessness, yes, but on purpose, no.

But I suppose you could say that about most people, or I would at least, because like Anne Frank, I believe that people are really good at heart. Or they were good at some point and simply need some help to get back to goodness and avoid messing up.

Well, that’s what’s up with me. Maybe I’ll go to sleep now and plan for work more when I wake up. Or sleep now and merely check to see if anyone read this and commented, when I wake up. I could even do both. The possibilities are endless.

I should sleep.
Sleep well.
Good luck with your lives.
Avoid intentionally hurting people.
Also, avoid unintentionally hurting people.
Aim for improving lives.
That’s my advice.
You can trust it.
Because I play ukulele.



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