Driving Test in 5 days.

YEAH. Because my permit expires in 6.

We’ll see how this goes.

The plan is to practice driving tomorrow morning.

I mean, practice MORE, tomorrow morning.

I totally won’t fail that test…probably…hopefully.

We’ll see.

Either way, if I pass it or fail, nobody is going to know about it, because I haven’t told many people outside my family that I don’t have my license yet, and they don’t really need to know, and like…judge me.

It’s odd how much I care about other people’s opinions of me, while at the same time not really caring. I suppose I care about what certain individual persons from the vast ocean of people I consider my “friends” might think, while I don’t generally care about the opinion of the rest of the them…The internet friend thing is strange.

Anyway, have a nice weekend, I’m going to go sleep now and try not to think about whether I really don’t care about people’s opinions of me, or I’m just saying I don’t. Or whether I like my friend Luke, or I just like attention and should stop hanging out with him… or about how he knows I like John…which is something else altogether.

But for now I really just need to focus on the license and being a grown up thing…and ignore all guys…That I like…or might start to like. That’s the first step to being an adult, right? Ignoring your feelings?


I need female friends.







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