Just a little note on my life, currently.

I’m torn between kindness and scorn…that’s too strong a word.

It just rhymed, and once I start rhyming, it’s kinda hard to stop.

Okay. Sorry. Stopped.

Anyway, I have two guy friends I’ve been chilling with lately, and I think I need to give it a break.

Because I think too much when I’m around guys, and they are just being normal, and in five minutes I’ve micro analyzed whatever they’ve done to the millionth degree. It’s really rather sad.

I probably need some silent time. Some me time. Some kneeling before God in humble adoration and focusing on his great love and mercy, time.

It sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

So lovely.

Well, I guess I’ll do that. When I get a chance. When a family member offers to drop me off at the Church and I can go sit with Jesus in the chapel. Hopefully that happens soon.

Happy Independence Day.



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