I think he likes you…

I just had a nine hour day with my friend Luke. We’ll call him Luke. Luke. You know Luke! – I introduced him in my last post. Well, it was a re-introduction…

Anyway, Luke and I chilled all day. Luke likes to talk a lot. Luke talked a lot. We talked a lot.

I spent most of the time trying to convince him with words that the world isn’t absolutely horrible and that I really believe God is merciful and loving and that Luke just has to chill a bit. I was saying a bunch of stuff, I mean, I’m really still exhausted from it all, because I was playing music with him most of the day, and then talking with him, and talking more, and I woke up super early and haven’t eaten much food, and anyway what it comes down to is I explained my life view as God creating us to love and be happy, and creation being good because God created it and saw it was good. The question of why God is allowing the suffering to continue being answered more by Luke in that, creation, as it is good, is allowed to exist because more goodness can come from it, despite the evil.

Basically we discussed the whole idea that life is good despite the suffering. That’s what I was trying to convince him of. That’s what I was talking to him about. Yes.

So, that’s what I did. We chatted about it for hours, and then my Mom kept asking me if I was alive, via texts, and I kept responding back that I was, and anyway, now I’m home.

Of course my Mom was super inquisitive about how I spent practically the entire day with my friend, so I told her about my day and the music playing and chatting, and all she says at the end, after several interruptions and general remarks about theology, is “I think he likes you.”

So my entire theological, music filled, important day with my friend Luke just got turned into “a guy likes you.”

After I calmly responded by saying: “Yes, maybe, but we were just talking as friends…”, my Mom bursts out, “DID HE TRY TO KISS YOU!?” in an excited teenage girl tone. I said no. This resulted in her saying “aw!” and swinging her fist slightly downward through the air in disappointment.


Anyway, that was my night, and my Mother’s response to my friendships may explain why I think so many guys are falling in love with me in the first place, and why I keep falling for them. (…Perhaps she has too many daughters and so she thinks she knows everything about relationships and thinks she can read tell-tale signs of things…Mothers…gotta love them… ) (Also, no, he really did not try to kiss me. We seriously were just talking like friends, because we are friends.)


I need to go to sleep now. Feel free to ponder my life. I ponder it.


– Cdukulele





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2 responses to “I think he likes you…

  1. I personally think that the best relationships develop from friendships. 😉

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