If I’m posting on here then I’m not NOT being productive…



I told myself I was going to come up with some excellent lesson plans for tomorrow. I was going to compile something so brilliantly fun and educational that my tutoring center students wouldn’t be able to help but learn. They would want to learn. They would beg me to do whatever assignment it was, because it would be that amazing.

Yesterday I took it easy. Yesterday I got distracted by a conversation at home, and by the time I was done with my attempt to prove whatever I did or did not prove, I didn’t have the mental energy to go above and beyond the call of duty and prepare anything extra for work. 

Tomorrow would be different. I would to plan. So I sat in my room with a giant bucket of markers and the internet search results for “Fun English Lessons” loading onto my phone. Then I wrote a four page letter to my best friend. I also drew her a stick figure cartoon. (Mr. Stickfigure finds a lottery ticket and becomes a bajillionaire. Then he realizes he is still friendless and lonely, and so he volunteers in various places. Then he loses all his millions in a tragic fire, but now he finally has friends to stand by him, because he volunteered. It was a touching lesson about not being selfish.) 

I tried.

Maybe I can draw some more cartoons and have the kids caption them. That might work…for the one…who refuses to do anything.



Or Goodmorning.

Whatever time it is.






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2 responses to “If I’m posting on here then I’m not NOT being productive…

  1. I loved the Mr.Stickfigure story.Totally.

    • Good. My friend enjoyed it too, but she said it also made her kind of sad. I think it’s because Mr. Stickfigure lost all of his money…Or because he had all his friends and she and I are on opposite sides of the country? So many possibilities.

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