Just 10 thoughts.

1. I should give up dating. Luckily this won’t be an issue because my online dating account expires in a month anyway, and I never meet anyone in real life.

2. It seems that people take my silence in a conversation as a sign that they should continue speaking without allowing me to respond.

3. I’m going to break another heart, all because of my better judgement.

4. I’m a procrastinator.

5. He deserves someone better.

6. I deserve someone better.

7. I’m only allowed to date someone that I meet in person, go on a date with, and actually enthusiastically enjoy spending time with. These are my cousin’s perimeters. I acknowledge their merit, I only regret fact that none of these three things have happened together, so far.

8. I keep biting my lip, it might be from stress or misery, and I recently stabbed the back of my mouth while flossing, thus, my mouth hurts.

9. Why does the phrase “Let’s just be friends” never work out in reality?

10. I now have fifteen minutes to make an hour long English lesson plan for a couple fifth graders.



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