Good things.

I’m in pain, and it’s enough pain that I’m back to taking two Ibuprofen every four hours to deal with the achy, sore, and generally exhaustedness, and I still feel like I might just go curl up in my bed, but, I’m still happy.

Because there’s so much happy stuff in my life, that I can’t help but be content. So much hope. So much good.

It’s good because…yesterday I had coffee.

I danced with my four year old niece.

I got a slight sunburn from being outside too much.

I raised money for pregnant women and babies.

I got to hug my other four year old niece.

I got to see my godson smile.

I spent time with family.

The guy I’m starting to like actually lets me know that he likes me.

The guy that I like is actually a decent guy.

I wrote a new ukulele song, and know what I’m going to play at open mic night.

My brother wants to help me record my songs at the little production company his friend started.

My sister wants me to sing a song at her wedding reception.

I feel hopeful for the future.

I’m content with the present.

I’m building on the past.

Things are going well, even with the pain.

It’s exhausting, but it’s good.

Have a blessed day.

I am.



–  Catherine







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4 responses to “Good things.

  1. Nice to hear from you!! Glad your sister’s wedding is back on!! And for the new? guy in your life. =D

    • GAH, Yes it would appear that way, unfortunately I wasn’t super clear about which sister that was who wants me to sing at her wedding reception…It’s a different one than the one who is still broken up with her fiancee…So that’s still a sad thing…but…yeah….she is still handling that…

      Also, there’s a new guy, yes. I mean…Kind of. Well there IS a guy, and we are friends who are nice to each other and equally acknowledge the fact that we appreciate each other. Which…is sadly more than any of my other acquaintances with males since my first boyfriend…So it’s good…Except now that I’ve given the details it seems far less impressive.

  2. It’s great that you pointed out the positive things! I hope you start feeling better soon 😦

    • YES! Well the funny thing is, I was sore through most of yesterday and today, but pretty much all I could notice were the positive things. Sometimes the positive things don’t let you dwell on the pain, and they put what you suffer into perspective, so it’s little, and it really doesn’t seem like that much. Not compared to the joy. 🙂

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