May 15th…feels like July.

It’s a hundred degrees outside.

Summer weather has begun.

I slept with an ice pack yesterday.

It was so hot I thought that maybe I was catching my sister’s cold, because my throat was so dry and I was so tired.

By 8pm it’s supposed to drop down to 84 degrees.

Oh joy.

I do love this extreme heat and sunshine, I just wish we had a swimming pool…or something more than a one room portable air conditioner.

Dreams for my future include living in a little apartment that has air conditioning.

Also, being able to handle a full time job so that I can afford an apartment with air conditioning.

Money…so annoyingly necessary sometimes.


Enjoy the heat.

Or cold.

Or whatever the weather is like wherever you are.



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2 responses to “May 15th…feels like July.

  1. I plan on moving to Canada. Think of all the money you’ll save!

    • That has been a plan at various moments in my life, but merely as a joke when I want to escape the problems of my life. I don’t know why Canada seems devoid of problems in my mind… šŸ™‚

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