I’ve never been in a real relationship.

Is this why I am so touchy anytime a guy says something the least bit critical of me or my choices?

When he’s like, perhaps you shouldn’t do this or that….or stay up until crazy hours and then sleep during the day, I kind of feel like he has no idea what he’s talking about (Except, according to the quick internet search I just bothered to make, he may technically have some points about that.) I feel like he doesn’t know me super personally and doesn’t know enough to tell me things when he’s concerned about my well being… Of course, he’d know more about me if I just told him.

But telling leaves you vulnerable. Vulnerability allows for pain. And I’ve already experienced more than I ever want of pain.

So I’ll just stay here and dwell on my petty little problems and not ever open up to anyone, and be ridiculously hurt when someone offers simple, harmless advice.

That’s great.

It’s probably a good thing that none of my other crushes ever liked me before.









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2 responses to “Vulnerability

    • I like your verdict. Mostly because it only requires that I ignore him and no self-reflection or consideration of his thoughts or ideas is necessary. Or perhaps I should merely start taking people’s advice with massive grains of salt…Giant salt rock caves…

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