I forgot the title.

Hey WordPress.

How’s it going?

I’m good.

A little tired.

A little bored.

A little sad.

My sister broke of her engagement with her fiancee, and now she’s back in town.

No more wedding in the summer.

No more maid of honor speech.

No more of my mother driving me crazy with wedding plans.

It’s sad though, because it’s almost like things were working out. She certainly acted like things were working out. Like the man of her dreams had dropped in and solved all of her problems. She joked about it, I’d be milling about, complaining about my life and lack of plans or something, and she’d say “You should get one of these!” And laughingly indicate toward her significant other. He seemed to solve all problems, he made her happy.

True, half the time I was around them, their loving air sickened me, and all they ever seemed to do was sit on the couch together and cuddle, but they looked content.
I mean, yes, I would get incredibly bored in a relationship that solely consisted of hugging my significant other on the couch, and never doing anything else ever, like going out, or interacting with other couples or people, but they seemed okay with it. And of course they were the inspiration and really the driving force that compelled me to write a song about how obnoxious couples were, and how their happiness made me angry and I was seeing lovebirds everywhere, and I was sick of it, but…They laughed at that song and enjoyed it with the rest of my open mic night audiences.

So…I don’t know. I guess the lesson we’ve learned here is, don’t base a relationship solely on the fact that you two feel incredibly in love and want to spend every waking moment sitting together on a couch. Also, if everybody else thinks you’re being annoying in your romance, you probably are, and perhaps you enjoy the idea of your relationship more than the person you’re in a relationship with. Of course, there may be no lesson…but I like to draw wisdom from life’s tragedies.

I don’t know.

I’ll just hope that happy things happen soon. For her. For everyone.

Nice chatting with you WordPress, I’ll see you around.

– Catherine




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