Crush Blogs

I want to read more blogs about people with unrequited love crushes on other people, or heck, even requited ones. Please comment and post links to your lovely little crush blog.

Nothing crazy inappropriate though.

Just, daily life of how you get through the fact that the person you feel like you’re freaking in love with, doesn’t notice your existence.

Or they’re you’re best friend.

I need moral support.

Please post.

Or books and poems on the topic.



Movies and films.

I need to inhale all things Unrequited love related.

To feel less alone.

Thank you.



P.s. If I’m already following you, post anyway. I want all the blogs in one convenient place, and my grasp of how wordpress works is so poor that I don’t know how to find you people half the time, even when I’m following you. It is sad. Post away! Thanks!






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15 responses to “Crush Blogs

  1. if you like….you can visit me… πŸ™‚ xoxo

  2. And in the desperate search for such blogs is how I found yours!
    And boy,am I glad.

    • I am glad you are glad. Your gladness increases my gladness. Thank you for your comment! πŸ™‚

      • πŸ™‚
        I have this weird thing where I have to respond to replies,even if with just a smiley…….crazy,I know!

        • I totally don’t do the same thing…. hehehehe. Just kidding, yes, I do too, and then there is this awkward moment where I’ve responded one too many times and the person on the other end has moved on. I like avoiding that moment. Oh well.

          • Haha,so do I!!!!!
            Good for us,I guess!

            • Yes. I’m about to let this one pitter away though, as I have to make sure I respond to your other lovely comments. Speaking of those, if I never respond to some of them it’s because there were so many beautiful comments and I was in my long devoted process of responding perfectly to each one, when my brother asked to use the computer. Also, I think it was like one in the morning. So, just know they were appreciated and I hope to continue to receive your delightful feedback in the future. Now I need to put medicine in my mom’s eye.

  3. Yes, pitter. The words drifting away one by one until none are left. (I’m only failing at the pittering a little…It’s more of a pattering. πŸ˜‰ )

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