My new explanation


It’s so clear to me now!
It’s not because of him being a guy, of course not!

No no no no, it’s because of what he represents.

He records music. He plays music. He is my connection to the world of music, to people who record songs and make songs and who want to have me join their bands and play concerts.

This means…that I am using John.

So I haven’t talked to him in like, four days.

I mean, maybe I’m not using John. I mean, yeah, surrrrre, I also find him attractive and his sense of humor and very existence bring me joy, but I’m thinking that really it’s all about his ability to further my non-existent musical career.

I’m sure that’s what it is.

Thus, all I have to do is figure out how to become a successful and happy musician, and then I will totally get over John.

And our friendship.

And the way he makes me smile when he talks to me.

When you’re a famous musician you aren’t bothered by trivial things like friendship, and happiness. Psh. You’re just focused on your craft and making the best music you can possibly make. Duh.

Goodbye heartache.

I’ll just go write songs.



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