It’s the second day of April, and I hate spiders.

John and I talked last night.

He said he liked me too.

We’re going on a date this Thursday.

April Fools.

I probably should have used that yesterday, but by the time I thought of it, it was ten o’clock at night and I was curled up in my bed reading The Glass Castle, and I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed and go see if the computer was free. I apologize for my lack of devotion.

I also wound up pranking my sister and my cousin with that line. My sister freaked out, but I followed the sentence “I’m dating John” so closely with the two words “April Fools”, that she only managed to say “That was a really good joke Catherine. Man.” Instead of squealing with delight and staring at me for a full second like my cousin did, which was especially terrifying because she was driving a car at the time. I wasn’t even trying to prank my cousin, I was just relating to her how I pranked my sister, but all she heard was “I told my sister I was dating John”, and then she freaked.

It was a fairly exciting day.

John hasn’t talked to me since Monday night.


At least it’s prank ammunition. My sister and cousin were so ready to believe it. Maybe that means it’s believable? Maybe it could happen? Maybe someday it doesn’t have to be a prank?…Maybe…


Yesterday was a gorgeous rainy day. Today is a gorgeous sunny day. I went outside to get the trashcans. There was a quarter sized black spider with thick legs and white spots all over it’s back on the trashcan. I backed away slowly. I need a pet lizard. Something that eats spiders.


Happy April!

– Cdukulele





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2 responses to “It’s the second day of April, and I hate spiders.

  1. That moment when I still have no clue what happens to you with the John thing(I’m trying very hard not to skip to the most recent post-as hard as I try not to read a book’s last page),I read the first few lines,freak out and then see “April Fools”……and I was just like “My heart!My poor heart!”.

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