I don’t have any tricks to play on anyone.

The idea of sending a random message to John saying “I LOVE YOU,” and then five seconds later “April Fools,” seems risky, cruel, and insane.

I would never do that. Sure, as a disconnected bystander, you might think that’s a great idea.

Actually, yes, as an outsider it would be a great idea.

But, oh shucks, I’m actually living this life and would have to deal with the consequences.

He and I are actually friends now.

We’re friends, he responds to my facebook messages, we have pleasant little conversations until he suddenly stops responding…

Good friends.

But here’s what I would do if I didn’t care:

I once went to a music festival, and they had many things,
LIKE bands of all sorts, and I saw my friend, who said, “Hey
LET’S  go listen to that one band”. But I forgot my purse, so I went back to
GET  it and I bumped into a couple that happened to be
ALL day long it was like that,
I  just kept bumping into people. They were like, “what do you
WANT, and why are you bumping in-
TO us?” Of course, I explained that I did not
DO it on purpose, but life
IS funny sometimes, and then the couple just started to
SONGS – until they stopped. Finally, I caught up
WITH my friend and wouldn’t
YOU know it, the band had cancelled their set. So we went
AND found another band to listen to instead. We started to
LAUGH as we arrived
AT the other music tent, because there was a sign that said, “Leave
YOUR zombies outside”. The sign was full of other
JOKES. There was an aluminum
CAN on the floor, so
I decided to kick it, because whenever I see a can on the floor, I
HAVE to kick it.
A lady with a sign was standing just inside the tent with a sign that said ”
HUG the Earth” She asked me to “pick up the can,
PLEASE?” So I did. The band was great. Yeah. Okay, see you later!”



Man….That was more work than I expected. Sneaking secret messages into completely normal, everyday communications, is hard work. There’s a certain something, a kind of “writing a secret message in a story” skill, that I seem to lack. How unfortunate. No crazy april fools messages from me then. Apparently my brother has actually done this before. Something about encoding a message so that random letters appear at the bottom of your email, but they mean something to you because you wrote them. I don’t even know…He pretends to be really cryptic sometimes.


ANYWAY, Happy April Fool’s day, I hope you have some good fun, and don’t break anyone’s heart or do anything ridiculous so that you can never show your face in public again.


Thank you,






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