I keep telling myself that friendship

means that I resist the urge to type “I LIKE YOU” at the end of every text.

means that I will not fill those four inches of space between us at the table, and kiss you on the cheek.

means that when you invite me to hang out with you, we’re just hanging out.

means that I meet a whole bunch of your friends, and when they ask us how we met, I nonchalantly refer to a coffee shop and music.

means that when friends of yours, who are girls, walk in, I don’t freak out about whether or not you actually like them more than me.

means that I only secretly appreciate the fact that one of your female friends brought a guy with her.

means that we talk and laugh and joke and enjoy the time we spend together.

means that I get to spend time with you.

means that I don’t fall in love.


…is this friendship?


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