I have got to stop leaving my blog accidentally signed in on my home computer.

It really puts a damper on the whole “Super Secret Blog” thing when anyone in the house can simply type “wordpress” into the address box and have immediate access to everything my blog contains. I totally thought I logged out last time…


Anywho, it’s nearly noon and I just woke up. Work finally sent out the schedules for the week at 1 in the morning, so I’m going in this afternoon. My Mom’s taking the car in to repair the air conditioning, and I’m watching my niece.

I have three and a half hours to exercise, shower, and get ready for work.

I suppose that’s enough time.

I’m kind of in this grumpy haze though, resulting from lack of sleep and unexpected child watching responsibilities.

I am not my best when I first wake up. Especially when my sleep was already disturbed at seven and nine in the morning; two perfectly healthy times for a normal individual to wake up, but I stayed up past three, reading the memoirs of hiker.

Sure, I probably could have been sleeping instead of reading, and then I would have woken up at a normal and helpful time, and not be the crabbiness that I currently am, but I didn’t.

I learned about the adventure of walking the trail instead.

Now I want to be a flippin’ hiker.

That would solve my boy problems.

Don’t have to worry about whether or not someone’s going to respond to your texts if you’re wandering through the wilderness with a camping backpack. There’s no phone for them to text, and no cell tower to send the message. What a life.

My phone just reminded me of the other people who send me messages, like people who kind of need me. I can’t go on a hike to avoid specific issues in my life, then I just avoid my life.

If you pray, then please say a prayer for my friend and her family.

Thank you.

– Catherine






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