Day two of normalcy, it begins…

No update on the relationship front today. Except that I completed day one of being a normal person yesterday. Who knows how many more to go.

My only communication with him was some friendly chatter related to music.

Then I went to work, I’m officially a tutor. Praise the Lord. Perfect timing.

The week I tell my crush I like him is the same week I’m officially employed. I work with kids. It keeps my mind off the crush and all the ways I could embarrass myself in front of him. Especially now that he knows.

Like, this Thursday I was supposed to play this new song I wrote for him, I mean, not that I wrote for him, but a song that I wrote. He wanted to hear it. The lyrics are all about my heart and love and mushiness. Before I might have been able to brush this off and he would have just said “Aww, that’s a cute song”. Now he might think about it.

It’s a love song written by a girl who has a crush on me…I wonder who it’s about…

It’s not even specifically about him, okay? Technically.

Except now. NOW…well I’m in a dangerous zone where he knows how I feel and I don’t want to scare him off by singing him love songs.

But of course, on a musical level at least, I still want him to hear the song because I need someone’s approval and a musician’s opinion.

I’ll deal with it Thursday.




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4 responses to “Day two of normalcy, it begins…

  1. You……think like me.
    Or I think like you.Whichever one.
    I should probably tell you right now that I’ve been reading your story with the insanest amount of interest,which makes me sound vaguely creepy,but let’s ignore that part.
    I love that you have a blog that you use as your diary.I just LOVE the idea of that.

    • I love this comment and all the following ones from you. It was like opening little presents of insight and happiness. Thank you very much. I am glad that somebody can identify with my thoughts, it makes them feel more…useful. Like this blog has a purpose…I mean, a purpose in addition to my absolute need to write about my thoughts and feelings in a public sphere.

      • Your blog does have a purpose…’s sort of calling out to every single girl(and guy,and guy-sorry,sorry,I’m kinda more interlinked to feminine feelings!) out there with an insane amount of feelings that need to be expressed,and yet often aren’t…..we all need to connect sometimes.With people,through words.And your blog helps,it really does.

        • Thank you. (That’s okay, I don’t care about single guys either. Unless they are attractive and brilliant and wonderful in every way and love me…I mean…) I will try to continue to fill that purpose that I was unknowingly filling. 🙂

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