Moment of Truth…

John is picking me up to go to a party.

I’ve shambled around the house aimlessly for the last twenty minutes.

I brushed my teeth, twice. Reapplied chap stick and lip gloss.

Braided a single braid hidden in the midst of my hair.

I feel sick.

Maybe I’ll be sick.

I wonder if he’ll just text me and say he’s here, or come to the door?

He could be here any minute.

I’ll definitely be sick.

I’ve never even been to a party before.

I don’t even know what to do.

He still doesn’t know that I like him. Well, I mean, I haven’t told him.

I have this funny vision of him dropping me back at my house at the end of the night, and me saying

“John, hey, there’s something you probably already know but I just figured I would tell you, and you don’t have to worry about it or anything, but I kinda have a crush on you. Okay, see ya later!”

and then hopping out of the car.

That’s the plan.

I’m going to a party on a Saturday night. With a guy I secretly have a crush on.

I don’t understand my life anymore.










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