I’d rather not risk

I’d rather not risk
this week hold of a wisp
of friendship, that I grasp with two arms
while trying to disarm
any part of you that doubts me,
I’d rather not.

So I’ll laugh instead,
and keep this love inside my head,
and try not to tell you that I honestly can’t stop thinking about you,
and everything you are and do,
makes me hold on more.

If I didn’t fear
losing you here
and being never again near
that soft voice and the light melody of your words as you sing, as you talk,
the way you breathe, blink, and walk;
If I wasn’t so afraid
of losing all this friendship I think we’ve made,
then I’d tell you.

Tell you that I love your voice when you talk,
your arms when you walk,
how you exist and just are round-the-clock;
how I love everything from your toes to your hair,
and mainly how I love just being near

But I don’t, because it’s just me,
and I’d sound crazy.
And it’s better to be your friend,
than to lose you and have everything



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3 responses to “I’d rather not risk

  1. Girl, there is no risk. If someone breaks a friendship just because you told them you liked them, then that person is pretty rubbish and probably isn’t worth your time.

    The best things in the world are NOT left unsaid.

    Go for it. Who knows what will happen.

    • Who knows… Thanks.
      At some point…when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, I’ll do it. But right now…I’m handling life writing poems and just being friends. I can handle that right now. Until I’m less of a coward.

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