They like me….or at least my status. Same thing, right?

My phone is temporarily out of service while my phone carrier switches over, so nobody can contact me.

I thought about informing my friends about this via facebook, you know, in case anyone ACTUALLY tried to contact me, but then I realized that nobody really ever tried to contact me via my phone, so I didn’t.

Then my cousin tried to text me. I got her message two hours after it was sent and my phone wouldn’t let me respond.

So I decided to update my facebook status.

Since I posted it several hours ago, two people have liked my “Phone’s outta service, can’t respond for a day or two if you contact me,” status: my first date who moved to Hawaii, and the boy I’m falling off a mountain for, (falling described here, source of fall here).

I thought this was funny.

Mainly because neither of these people seem like they’d be contacting me anytime soon anyway.

My last communication with Hawaii boy was something about laundry back in January, and Mountain Man currently seemed to be engrossed in ways to ignore me completely.

I guess some people still kind of care though; enough to like a facebook status at least.

Or maybe they were just randomly clicking buttons on facebook.

Either way, status liked.





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