Stupid mountain metaphor

The danger with happiness, it seems, is that the more you have, the more there is that can be taken away.

True, I’ve heard the more positive side of the problem, the further down you are, the farther you have to rise, but right now I’m just falling.

Falling off the tip of that mountain.

About to be pulverized at the bottom of a pit.


I’m thinking maybe, if I’m lucky, I won’t die when I hit the bottom.

A couple branches will slow the speed of my decline.

I’ll fall, bruised and in pain, but not be completely destroyed.


I wish I hadn’t started up this incline in the first place. I sure tried not to.

Tried to keep everything rationally in check, think about things slowly, not get ahead of myself.

Then I was just so happy, just enjoying the moment, that I sprinted up that hill, and now I’m careening off the side.

It hurts.






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