Tea and Tetris

I was on a rant on how annoying it is to buy bras when then I spilled my cup of “SILENT NIGHT” tea all over the keyboard.

Sometimes being a girl is annoying.

Having a sore throat is annoying.

My left pinky toe tingling off and on for four days is annoying.

I keep waiting for something better to happen…and my happiness levels keep fluctuating depending on how much I think a certain guy likes me.

It’s pathetic.

I have a great capacity for taking something that is 10% of my life and making it 90%. Maybe it’s 100%.

I wish I could say that this didn’t happen before, when I was still in school and distracted by things like, “class”, but my laptop of poems and scenes from plays I written on the topic betray me.

I’m eternally the character of some sad romantic comedy in my mind. I could totally break the cycle, and become a nun or something, but I’m still hoping to “fall in love”. But becoming a nun merely because you haven’t fallen in love with anyone yet is a horrible reason. You should become a nun because you’ve fallen in love with Christ. I totally love Jesus and everything, but I’m not at the point of Nun-ness.

A guy asked me once if I wanted to be a nun. But it was at a party and he was kind of drunk and didn’t really understand Catholicism. I think he assumed that because I was Catholic, and I was actually talking about my faith in public, that I wanted to be a nun. We discussed Mary for a while, and the saints, and then we played Tetris and he asked for my number. He never called me.

I just want someone to play Tetris with.

Is that too much to ask?

I have to go to the Mall now and return some bras.






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