I don’t press snooze when my alarm goes off in the morning.

I don’t drink soda. Apparently. (But I might. I definitely might.)

I read my Bible while working out (and work out at least three times a week).

I actually follow my physical therapist’s instructions.

I attempt to go to Mass at least once during the week (in addition to Sunday).

It’s on.  Lent 2014.

Thirty-eight days to go.

Waiting to say the “A” word.

As in, “Praise the Lord”. But in Hebrew.

(I’d sooooo give up soda, but instead I’m just taking ibuprofen so that I can handle the pain. I don’t want to add not drinking soda pain to my physical muscle pain…PAIN IS A SACRIFICE ENOUGH! And accepting the fact that I need medicine sometimes, to help, is its own struggle.)

And I’m only posting it here to make myself more accountable.



(Tired from ukulele playing and falling in love.)


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