Attempting to harmonize.

There’s this guy.
Who’s totally my friend.

But I kinda sorta go to an open mic night every week, and sing cute little love songs about how I’m totally single and alone.

Today, I was singing songs with this guy. Who is my friend.

And another one of my friendly musician friends (who is my dad’s age) was all, “WHEN ARE YOU TWO GOING TO BE AN OBLIVIOUS COUPLE? I WANT TO SEE YOU HAPPY!”

In front of my guy friend. As he and I walked into the coffee shop. To find a place to sing together again.

Which is what we did last open mic night. We abandoned our fellow musicians and performers, and went off to sing songs together, and play guitar and ukulele. We only joined them again when it is my turn to perform; and we played a song I wrote, with him adding AMAZING guitar sounds.

This week, I asked him if I could sing with him, and he encouraged me to. So we got to the stage, and my other musician friend was all, “YOU HAVE TO SHARE A MICROPHONE. GET CLOSER. LIKE YOU LIKE EACH OTHER.”

Both my friend and I threw back weak protestations, “We’re not, um,” I attempted, “It’s totally not like that,” he clarified.

We sang. The microphone was broken, and I’d forgotten the harmony parts. I tried. The audience applauded in sympathy.

It’s totally not like that.

He told me that he probably won’t make it to open mic night next week. When I joked with him about actually having a life, he said he was playing drums at a jazz concert. Then he half invited me to come. Half. Half an invitation, after I stood there, mesmerized by how versatile his talent was, and just acting dejected because he was going to not be there to sing with me for an open mic night, and…he said that “maybe” I could come.
Probably guilt. Pity for the fellow musician who’s not even a fourth as talented as him, so he’ll invite her to the jazz concert.

Pity, because we’re just friends…friends attempting to harmonize.


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