Spring is coming…

March 1st! Happy Month of my birthday. Spring is near.

This is my first March 1st at home in four years.

I think I’ll make it a good March 1st.


I’ve discovered that my older sister may have been right about the psychiatrist needing. I always seem to get real weepy around bedtime. It’s like…I think about how I’m unemployed, and have no friends, and the guy I like won’t talk to me, and I’m going no where in life, and then my eyes start turning red and I can feel tear drops coming on.

True, this isn’t always the case, but it happens often enough for me to notice. Okay it happened twice this week. And this was the week that I kinda broke up with someone, and quit a job.
So maybe my life is just being extra tough right now, and so I’m just a bit more sensitive.

Or maybe I need help.

I need a job.

It doesn’t help knowing that almost any job I can get would end in physical pain that I may not ultimately be able to handle.

The benefits of having a weak body.


But it’s March 1st. I have a whole new month before me, alive with possibilities! The sun is shining, yesterday’s rain is making everything green glow with new life, and my cousin wants to hang out with me in an hour. The possibilities abound.

I just have to get over this whole, “being sad about my life” thing.

The sun helps with that.




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