Happy moments of the day.

Happy things that happened today:

Sleeping in.

Being covered in the soft warm comfort of my deep blue comforter.

The invitation to shop.

The trip to the library.

The four library books.

Hanging out with my cousin.

The mazelike entrance of the authentic Spanish restaurant.

The zombie proof fence around the parking lot.

The coffee shop.

The garden of the coffee shop that looked like fairies were about to spring out into the afternoon sunshine.

The zuchinni bread.

The banana bread.

The blended iced mocha, with whip cream.

The coloring book.

The theology talk.

My beautiful cousin looking like a model out of a magazine, with her sparkling blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair.

The box drawing game that I won.

Heading home.

The discussion about life.

The relating of shared experiences in misery, love, relationships, and fear.

The hopefulness and joy of a moment of so completely understanding and being understood.


Thinking about the happy moments, because they help you get through the ones that aren’t so happy.



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