Three hours of pure joy.

(Not work, hah, by no means am I talking about work, silly reader. In case you read my last post and were wondering.)

I’m talking about open mic night.

I’m talking about sitting with my ukulele next to my friend with his guitar, and jamming for three hours.

It was happiness.

It was basically everything that makes this life worthwhile and makes my little soul ecstatically fly with happiness.

IT WAS JOY. Joy through music and singing.

My sister was there talking about how happy I was and joining her fiancee in taunting me about how it was a date, and asking questions about when they were going to see my friend again, and totally trying to set us up.

I have no comment.

I was just happy. Okay? JUST HAPPY.

I just completely enjoyed sitting and singing and playing music. It was fun, and my friend is crazy talented with a guitar.

It made me bubble over with happiness.

Just. Happy.

Not even going to….Not even gonna…Not even thinking about my sister and her fiancee’s jokes and attempts to turn my perfectly healthy happy friendship into something else. Something more.

Something that I’d begin writing poems about and getting all emotional over, and then eventually end with a brief text saying “It’s too difficult to talk to you, I can’t anymore, goodbye.”

It’s not going to be that. Because right now I’m happy. So I’m just going to enjoy being happy.


Happy and unemployed.




P.S. Sorry if I misled you with my title, and made you think I was talking about YOU, when I wasn’t. You make me happy too. Thank you for reading and liking and following me. Your existence brings me joy. 🙂






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