Social media is evil.

How obvious is it to you that I’m trying to get your attention?
Is it super obvious?
Or just kind of obvious?
I took it as a good sign that you liked my status update.
I updated it to see if you would like it.
You did.
Then you updated your status.
I liked it, and commented even.




Social media is evil. The word media reminds me of Genetics class, when we would breed flies. Hundreds of flies. They would mate, and we would kill all the flies that weren’t a part of the study, and count the offspring. You put media in with each batch of flies, to feed the larvae. Then they would grow up, and you would count them, and breed them, and kill them. Repeating the process however many times necessary and killing countless flies.

I eventually dropped my science major.





I’m not even talking to you, but finding creepy ways to try to communicate with you. I have problems. This is what happens. I need a hobby.

Oh yeah, I play the ukulele.

– cdukulele


[This is my mind after a day of work. It’s what I do, and what I consider post worthy. It’ll go in the random thoughts pile.]



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