You are drama and I need to decide I’m better off without you. Which is tough, because you seem to think that you’re better off with me. An outlet for your drama.

So I say to you, thanks, but no thanks. Please take your “love songs”, your protestations that we’re just friends, your compliments on my existence, and your obscure texts apologizing for things that you never mentioned in the first place, with you, as you embark on a journey in life I’d like to call “growing up”. As much as I’d like to remain your “friend”, and sit in this awkward little corner between reality and fantasy, in which I don’t understand how you keep saying you love everything about me, and then keep insisting that you’re acting as no more than a friend and tell me I’m over reacting, I cannot. I will not.

Goodbye, and thanks for confusing me.

I have finally figured it out.



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