The problem with near death experiences…

is that every time you tell someone else about them, you feel like you’re bragging.

And whenever you talk about how you managed to survive it all, you wonder if you’re really inspiring them, or making them want to hit you over the head with a hammer.

Because you’ve told this story before. And some of the people you tell it to have lived through it with you. And just because you were miserable, you don’t know if that’s enough to console someone else who’s miserable.

Because when you’re miserable, you don’t want to hear about how someone else survived getting a papercut. You want to hit them over the head with a hammer, and see if they survive that.

And sometimes the person you just told that heart wrenching story to you, was not aided at all, because instead of meeting them at their level and helping them with whatever their problem was, you just went on a five message rant about the stuff you went through. And pain is pain.

And whether or not you survived worse does not matter.

It’s about helping them survive the moment.

Helping them with their papercut.

Acknowledging the pain.

Because, even though it wasn’t life or death, it hurts.






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