Heart Shaped Lollipop

All I ever hope for on Valentine’s day is to get one of those red heart shaped lollipops, that taste like citric acid, corn syrup, and red dye #40.

I remember former Valentine’s days in Ohio, while I was in college, alone and car-less, with random valentine cards given to me by friends with no candy at all, or just ye old conversation hearts. It was sweet, and the hearts are a classic, but they were not red heart shaped  lollipops.

One time a guy sent me a CRUSH soda, with a note on it telling me how nice I was. It was not a heart shaped lollipop.

And so, the moral of the story is, all I want are heart shaped lollipops (and possibly chocolate).

I feel that despite any other negatives or positives of this day, the only unequivocally good thing is the heart shaped lollipop.

So be sure you give people heart shaped lollipops. Or make them. Apparently that’s possible to do.

I got to go to the university now, and turn in my second reference form. The application deadline is tomorrow. The offices are closed tomorrow. So the deadline is today…and I needed three references. Sigh. But I just ate a heart shaped lollipop…so…Happy Valentine’s Day.

-cdukulele’s Valentine is heart shaped lollipops.


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