The Pessimist’s Valentine

Here’s a poem
For those who’ll be alone
On this coming day of love:

Congratulations on surviving another year of life.
Don’t worry about finding a husband or a wife.
Don’t focus on the fact that you’re sad and all alone,
On how you’re spending another Valentine’s day single and at home.

Ignore the lovely couples, skipping through the streets with glee.
Ignore the happy people, with their happy company.
You don’t need them, and you don’t need me,
Happiness isn’t all about one and one making three.

You don’t need anyone to be sad and all alone
That’s something you can do when you’re single and at home.
It’s better to be lonely, after all, don’t you see,
Than to find someone who likes you, and be their unrequited company.

At least all alone, by yourself, singular,
There’s no chance of you hurting another him or her.
Because as long as you avoid love, and live in hermitry
How can you hurt anyone but ye?



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