I have carbohydrates.

I made the muffins, and I ate at least half a dozen of them. Then I rolled into a ball and marinated in my pain and loneliness.

Okay, the rolling in the ball and marinating part didn’t happen, but I did eat almost all of those muffins by myself, before my sister and niece got a couple of them.

They were orangey and muffiny….Soaked in a brown sugar and orange juice glaze. Which basically just made everything taste overly sour…because the juice was from oranges from the tree in my backyard, which may not have been entirely ripe yet.

But people liked them. My brother complained that they seemed liquidy, and then I explained the “glaze” that the recipe told me to pour over them. It did make them liquidy.

Anyhow, it got my mind off my non-existent relationship troubles for a while, and will probably keep my mind off them forever, as I gain fifteen pounds and never talk to another living soul outside of my family again.

At least I will have orange muffins.


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