Who needs people? I have carbohydrates.

I’m making orange muffins. If you care. Or at least I think I am. I got the butter out of the freezer anyway.

Jerkface jerkface,
I hate you,
go and fall into a pit of glue.

Die die die
Die die die
Never gonna find a decent guy.

I range between super hopeful and bitter. It really cannot be healthy.

I don’t care
sure, run out that open door.

Fie fie fie
Fie fie fie
Who says I even need a guy?

It doesn’t help that all I have to focus on, while waiting for grad school, and watching my sister plan her wedding, (Or should I say, “sit around with her fiancee on our couch and make kissing noises”? Sometimes with kisses, sometimes just to make the noises,) is the relationship lack. Which really isn’t a big deal. Relationships aren’t everything.

Who needs people,
Who needs friends,
Who needs love or the happiness it lends?

Not I, not I, not I,
Sigh, sigh, sigh,
It’s too much work to even try.

But they still mean so much. But dwelling on these things like a crazy person won’t help any. So I should focus on something else for a while. Like those orange muffins I was talking about earlier..

Ever hopeful,
unreasonably so,
but life changes, and you never know.

Nigh, nigh, nigh,
Hope says not to cry,
Waiting as I sigh,
Living I will try.

Yep, I’m definitely making those muffins.





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4 responses to “Who needs people? I have carbohydrates.

  1. nofrillswrapping

    With cranberries and\or walnuts and sugar on top. Yum!

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