I ran out of things to say again.
This tends to occur when things happen in my life and I don’t know which one to comment on.

I think I’m applying to Grad school. My old professor forgot who I was. I need references. I hate getting references when I went to school half a dozen states away. It makes things difficult.

My sister picked out a wedding dress. I stood in the shop three hours while she tried them on and then showed them to me. Sometimes I got to sit down on the couch, but a family of girls were there to try on bridesmaid dresses…I think. 

I almost texted the guy who went to dinner with me on Wednesday. But I haven’t yet because I’m waiting for him to text me. Maybe he’s waiting for me to text him. He didn’t go to open mic night with me last week because he had to take his grandfather to the hospital again. I’m also waiting to text because he’s going to be very very far away in less than ten days and he won’t be back for almost a year.

Things are going on. Things are changing. They’ll probably keep changing.

It’s probably good. I was tired of being stuck nowhere in particular.

Hope things change for the better.
Hope I make the best of whatever changes.


I babysit tomorrow. -cdukulele



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