I went to dinner with a gentleman.

Dear men,

thank you for being gentlemen, and specific thanks to the kind gentleman who asked me to dine with him last night.

It was the best first date I’ve ever been on, in fact it was the first first date I’ve ever been on, and I’d just like to commend all gentlemen for the following things which, doing so, make you a pretty upstanding gentlemen.

For plainly inviting a girl to dine with you in the words “Will you go to dinner with me on (such-and-such) night?”
For choosing an upstanding restaurant for both of you to go to.
For listening to your date when she speaks, and maintaining a conversation, and not just using every sentence as an excuse to hit on her.
For paying for the dinner that you invited your date to eat with you.
For asking the waitress for carry out boxes.
For carrying your date’s leftovers for her.
For opening the car door for your date.
For kindly making sure your date gets home safe.
For giving your date a chaste, non-pressuring, hug goodbye.
For thanking your date for dining with you.

To all gentlemen who have ever done any of the above things, and to all men who try as a rule to treat ladies with as much respect, courtesy, and kindness as possible, doing things that aren’t required of you, but doing them because they are good to do, thank you. Thank you so very much.

I appreciate you. I am sorry for ever not appreciating you.

Continue being wonderful.

Thank you,



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