Soft upon the pillow falls

With gallant feet
You admit no defeat,
as you stand proud and tall,
upon a soft and carpeted floor,
but then you begin to fall.

A gentle collapse,
A total relax,
Little arms clutch folds neatly sewn,
gently he lies, with lightly closed eyes,
upon a warm fluffy pillow all his own.

Smile soft and true
as arms wrap around you
to carry sweetly away.
Little boy, oh so loved, laid to sleep like a dove,
after hours of wearying play.


I was babysitting my 1 and a half year old godson on Saturday. After waking up at 5am and running around the house for several hours, he crumpled up face forward on a pillow and fell asleep. My heart could barely take so much cuteness. So I wrote a poem.


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