Why you gotta turn something innocent and beautiful into CREEPER CITY?
Please stop.
You are creeping me out.
This is where I digress once more into the land of phone smashing and never talking to the outside world again.
Am I being too vague?
Sometimes you can never be vague enough.

Dear world, I love you, now let us all go on acting like children and never take the negative connotation of anything.

On a side note, if I get a notification that you linked one of my poems to your super creepy writing, then I’m just going to delete it and walk away. I don’t know what the deleting of the notification does, but it makes me feel better. Makes me feel like that just didn’t happen.

Think I’m gonna go child proof all my former posts now. Just in case.

Maybe not.


Thanks for reading, liking, and commenting. Please comment. By all means, say something

Like, “I appreciate your poems and in no way would ever connect them to super creepy writing”, would you say that, please?


I’m going out to sushi with a guy tomorrow. Just so you know. Throwing that out there. In case you care and were bored by my creeped out rant.







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2 responses to “Creepy

  1. Hey, I’m not sure what you all have got going on here, but good luck. There are a few bad seeds out there, but there are many more good ones. There seems to be a huge “outbreak” of creeper related issues lately, I wish you the best.

    • Thank you bruisedbelly, it’s nice when there’s a voice behind the statistical views. I pretty much said what happened, I thought I had a delightful comment, but it was just a link to a blog that was definitely in the creepy reading category. It was…annoying. Thanks for reading and thanks for the positivity. – Cdukulele

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